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Please make more!!!

I bet that thi could become one of the most popular things on Newgrounds if you started a sort of series, as long as you kept it just as weird and without any big plot.

Nicely animated, great voices, and i'm begging for more!!!

I completely agree!!!

At least Blair was interesting, with that weird smile and those big ears.

Brown just adds to our meloncholy overcast graffiti-ridden depressing attitude as a nation, which is exactly the reason why patriotism in Britain is dead.

Anyways, it's good that this point has been raised, and i hope that it'll lead to a show called Pimp My Gordon. He so needs to be Pimped.

Hilarious, and with a rewarding little game too!

I couldn't have thought of a better duo for this kind of parody than LF and the SFBs!
Nice work guys!!!
I found that the mini-game was doable, as long as you notice sections of the colours which resemble traffic lights (Red, Yellow, Green) or (Green, Yellow, Red).
Loved the final extra scene!!! Pure undiluted brilliance!!!
Give yourselves a pat on the back!!!

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Enjoyed it very much while it lasted

An original idea, good gameplay, but far too short.

Make another with many many more levels and maybe an extra twist or two to add an extra dimention to the game, and that'll be a 10 out of 10 from me :)

Quite a nice little game :-)

Fun, but I prefer the version I already have on my laptop.

The window is smaller than the Vista version that I'm used to, and there's a slight lag between moving my cursor and the grid reacting. But maybe that's just my computer.

Otherwise, a solid version of a classic game! The graphics aren't amazing, but they don't need to be. Just a straight puzzle/logic game. You definitely get a bonus star from me for the leaderboard feature. It's nice to compete against people.

Nicely done!

Very entertaining!

While there are certain elements this game does lack and there are specific parts of it which are flawed, the fact is that it's extremely entertaining game that kept me fixed on the screen for quite a while. And that's pretty much all i ask for from a flash game!

Gameplay - In agreement with madb0g, enemies being able to spawn on top of you is an annoying threat, but i must admit that it did keep me moving around more which added extra excitement to the game. The variety of different types of enemies kept each wave fresh and it felt considerably less repetitive than most wave-based shooters. As far as the controls go, you can't beat the classic WASD setup. The controls are very responsive and gave a feel of urgency. The upgrades were good and stopped at a suitable point, without letting you get a ridiculous amount of firepower at your disposal. I do agree with other reviewers that different weapons would've been a fun option, but i rather enjoyed the shotgun-type weapon, and i don't think i would've changed weapon even with the choice if i'm totally honest.

Graphics - The partical effects, simple shapes and lines were a good style of graphics to go for, especially since it's a Vector type game. Adjustable settings for the effects are a very good idea, as it allows people to play no matter how slow their computer is.

Sound - I couldn't have thought of a better main theme for this game than Chaoz Fantasy, although i am a bit of a kiss-ass fan when it comes to ParagonX9, so ignore my biasedness. As far as the other sound effects go, it's rather good. Spacey sounds for shots give a good sci-fi feel to the game.

Satisfaction - Finishing each wave is good, but finishing the game itself after killing massive hoards summoned by that end boss and then killing that big daddy himself is a very satisfying feeling. Having gotten a score of 6230 i'm just happy i'm not too far down the high-scores.

Side-Note - I hope to see a sequal to thi marvelous little game. You can never have too much fun, and there's definately plenty of that in this game!

Side-Note 2 - Allox managed to put the word "dude" twice in one sentance in his review! I expect he likes his half-pipes and grinds the odd rail here and there.


spectre1989 responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, watch this space for the sequel, I have a game currently in the process of being published, and another in development, once I have finished the latter I will start Neuron 2 =)

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Good job! *Biatch*

I dunno why I put 'biatch' :P

Anyways, good job with the musicalness in general. Good job with the lyrics. Good job... oh heck, just one big good job!

Very well done :D

Reachground responds:

Thanks *****.

You managed to write a great ****** review you little ******. I'm ****** happy you took the time to share your ****** thoughts.

***** ***!

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